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In addition to healthy dieting and exercising, drinking herbal teas and doing herbal rinses will assist in restoring you hair’s natural beauty and luster. Natural herbal teas are rich in nutrients that can help rejuvenate, strengthen, nourish, and tone your hair and skin. There are many health benefits to drinking herbal teas. Depending on which variety of herbs you choose, you can naturally highlight, lighten, or darken, prevent dandruff, and deep clean your hair. Natural herbs will help to tighten your pores which protect your skin from excess oils and dirt.

Although we should exercise caution in consuming excessive amounts of caffeine, tiny amounts of caffeine in tea rinses has wonderful benefits for hair.  Caffeine aids in prevention of hair loss, and will not damage your hair if left in for a short periods of time (be sure to rinse the caffeine out thoroughly).  The main benefit of caffeine is that it blocks the DHT, which is the main culprit of hair shedding.  Scientific studies have shown that caffeine can stimulate hair growth when used in small amounts. Scientific studies have also shown that applying too much caffeine to the hair follicles can actually stunt growth. The key to using caffiene for hair growth is to use herbal teas instead of coffee, which usually contains a significantly larger amount of caffeine. Also be sure to dilute the herbal teas with enough water (0.001% caffeine in water) to avoid stunted hair growth. If you are nervous about using caffeinated teas, opt out and choose a caffeine-free tea, which will still have several healthy nutrients for your hair. 

There are many different types teas or rinses that you may use for you hair. Here are a few:

    •    Nettles is a type of herb that helps with hair loss, mineral deficiencies, helps the body to remove waists that may clog up our bodies and prevent nutrients from absorbing properly. Nettles also prevents dandruff and stimulate blood flow and circulation to the scalp. This tea is also a rich source of iron, folic acid, vitamin B, silica and other essential minerals for hair growth and strength.

    •    Rosemary is also a stimulating herb that regulates scalp circulation. Rosemary is effective in preventing hair loss and helps with hair regrowth. Rosemary rinsing helps with product buildup. It leans the hair follicles and promotes healthy hair growth. You may drink this often or rinse once a week to obtain strong, healthy, thick and clean hair and a healthy scalp.

    •    Chamomile is effective in reversing baldness and hair loss. Chamomile rinsing can  be used as an alternative to Henna for lightening the hair or bringing out natural highlights. Chamomile is gentle and safe enough for kids hair as well.

    •    Sage rinsing is also a natural and effective alternative to Henna for hair darkening. You may use this infusion once a week for best results.

    •    Calendula tea contains beta-carotene which is also found in many greens and carrots. This flower is high in vitamin A and contains essential oils and sugars that stimulate our immune system. Calendula’s bright yellow color helps bring out the highlights and auburn of medium colored hair.

    •    Black tea is also great tea rinse to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss.  Rinsing your hair with black tea can also help darken the hair, bring out natural highlights, and add shine to it. The tea rinse also helps increase bulk of hair, by slowing down hair shedding and enhancing hair growth.

Tea infusion process for cleansing and rinsing hair:

Items you will need:

1.)Tea leaves or 2 tea bags of your choice

2.)Large jar

3.)2 cups of  boiling water

Begin by washing your hair.

For tea bags: Boil 2 cups of water, pour it in a jar, add the two tea bags. Allow mixture to steep for 45 min - 1 hr.  

For tea leaves: Boil 2 cups of water, and add a handful of leaves or flowers. Allow mixture to steep for 20-30 min. 

Directions: After steeping, strain the mixture and allow it to cool. Take the cooled infusion and pour it over your your wet hair and scalp. Rub the mixture into your scalp and keep it in for 10-15 min allowing it to penetrate your hair shaft and follicles. Next, add a small amount of conditioner, rinse out, and style as desired.

Drinking natural herbs and herbal infusion rinsing are effective and beneficial to maintaining healthy hair and skin. Adding a drop of honey to your teas will give your hair an extra boost of shine and help smooth cuticles for better hair manageability. Herbal rinsing can be done weekly, and can be used in place of deep conditioning which will help when wearing braids, and twists. There are many different brands and types of natural herbal teas. I highly recommend Dherbs.com or Healthy King brand teas.

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